Valeo generator 14V-90A


 Alternator – Dynamo - Generator - Lichtmaschine

   Because of armament from Travel-mobile for purchase.


Generator info:

Manufacturer : Valeo

Article No.      : 439472

OE No.           : 504033459 (Vergleichsnr).

EAN No.         : 3276424394729

Gebrauchsnr. :SG9N054, 2542798A

Other No.        :S50AN03, 303030499

Replacement value: about 475 euro


Qualities and Infomation:

Engine code : 8140-43S

Getriebart  : Transmission

Rib number : 6


-         Only 8,900 km tired, AS GOOD AS NEW! (Run achievement from 100,000 to 175,000 km)

-         among other things for Fiat Ducato, Citroen Pullover, Peugeot Boxer and many other Nkws and passenger cars

 Sales price 275, -

Buyer pays the all-inclusive forwarding expenses from € 10.00 incl. assurance within Germany


Guarantee: A right of return within 14 days.

With the new Multifunktions generator Valeo optimises the availability of the products in the Nachrüstmarkt.

The marketing strategists and development engineers have worked together on the development of the new Multifunktions generator which should be tuned especially to the needs of the distribution traders and repair workshops.

The new Multifunktions generator is a Valeo generator SG (the second generation) 90 A with a case which is developed in a Valeo work for original equipment after the same norms and specifications and is made.

By the introduction of the Mehrfunktions generator can be improved of the customer services:
     - shorter installation times
- diminished costs
                                                                                   - quicker availability of the vehicle

Assembly in every vehicle type

To simplify the installation of the generator in possibly many vehicle types, the Valeo engineers have developed a series of 30 different fixing clips with wheels and electric connections.

Valeo delivers from his works a completely mounted generator with wheel, fixing clips and electric connections which one only in the vehicle insert needs.

Older and rare generator models can be substituted with the more reliable and achievement-stronger Mehrfunktions generators with the most modern technology from the original equipment.

The adaptable and innovative design allows Valeo service an even broader application of his standard spare parts and protects a high availability the distribution networks.

The Mehrfunktions generator is available in two implementation:
- Completely mounts for the distribution traders „konventionellen “ of network
- Installation set for the special needs of the mobile breakdown services.

Installation set

The installation set is offered after the base model of the Mehrfunktions generator: The ideal solution for mobile breakdown services.

This implementation is accompanied by a comprehensive Valeo programme of information and training programme.

Thus the breakdown service in 2004 is able to do on site the right wheel and the suitable fixing clips in the case mounted. For the customer means one huge time profit and lower costs, because he can allow to exchange his defective generator also without towing.

The market launch in the French market is planned for 2004.