Pilgrimage church Stallhofen

Pilgrimage church Maria Tax
In a document place and church was mentioned in 1287 for the first time.
The today's construction comes from the time of the late Gothic.
The completion of the choir occurred in 1476, the long house and the organ loft became in the time from 1506 to 1521 from the master builder
Lorenz Rieder, builder of the parish church of Obervellach, establishes.

A star ribbed vault, Lanzettfenster with tracery
and vault painting in the choir and long house stamp this
Inside of the einschiffigen church. The organ loft with broken through tracery balustrade rises more than three arcades with a typical Late-Gothic "double incline" (Kiel curve form) in the middle.

In the baroque Franz Adam Stampfer of mountain Walchen, owner of the castle Trabuschgen in Obervellach, on the north side of the long house let of the crafts a cruciform crypt chapel with 8-part Kuppeltambour and lantern grow (plumber's friend chapel).

The Ausmalung of the dome and the vaults of the cross arms occurred in 1717 through Josef Ferdinand Fromiller. Are shown the meeting by holy and allegorical figures, the curtailment of Christ as well as the announcement and adoration of the kings and shepherd.

In 1768 there was in the Obervellacher branch "of Our dear woman" even a protective coat brotherhood and in 1780 it is pointed out to the special inflow, because here the pilgrims receive many mercies by Verl÷bnisse and devotions.