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Payment terms



General Conditions

In order to qualify for an additional scholarship for professional/occupational training, post-graduate courses or re-education the following conditions need to be met.


A. The student is a descendant of the founders,

namely: Mr Hendrik Struik, and Mrs Gabriele

Ingrid Struik-Vollmer;

- An exchange of roles with the legal life

partner from category B is permitted in the

case of serious illness, disability, death

etc. of the descendant.

     A medical certificate from a doctor or

equivalent organisation will have to be

submitted to the Board of the Foundation which

will decide on the matter.


B. In case of adequate funds after approval of

the TVS board others may also qualify;

   - persons preferably from a developing country;

- a studying child or grand child from a sitting

TVS Foundation president, secretary or

treasurer, and who is not a descendant of the


- legal life partner of category A and B.


All categories will receive an additional mobility allowance for international studies.



1. Additional scholarships, contributions or

mobility allowances need to be applied for per



2. These allowances etc. will only be made

available if persons involved have no other

means of obtaining an additional allowance etc.


3. Requests to the Board of the Foundation need to

be in writing and accompanied by a study budget

and awarded and/or promised reimbursements

from other organisations.


4. The additional study allowance will be

calculated by the board and has to exceed

50.00 in order to be paid out.


5. The additional study allowance etc. will be paid

in the form of a grant or interest free loan.


In case of a grant there will be no student debt incurred!


The Board of the Foundation considers a gift as an opportunity for the persons involved to give an equal amount or several smaller amounts to the TVS Foundation after their 50th birthday and in accordance with their financial situation.


In case of an interest free loan a student debt will be incurred!

This has to be repaid to the TVS Foundation at the end of the study, and within a period of 10 years with a minimal amount of 100.00 per month.


Unemployment or other similar social circumstances are entitlements to a temporary exemption/discharge of this obligation.

The period of exemption will be added to the above mentioned 10 year period.


The study allowance, contribution or support

An allowance, contribution or support can be made for:

S1. Tuition-, university or course fees


S2. Books and additional educational tools.

Only the compulsory books and additional

educational tools required by the institute

will qualify for payment of 450.00 maximum

per study year.


S3. Travel costs

Contributions to travel costs are possible for

participating in studies if the distance one

way between the domicile and the study centre

is more than 10 kilometres. The maximum

contribution to travel costs is equal to the

maximum costs of public transport.


S4. Means of supporting life 

An interest free loan for rent, utilities,

clothes, groceries etc is possible in the case

of full time education, after individual

assessment by the Board.


S5. Mobility support for international studies

Travel to and from home, 1 holiday visit home

per study year, language preparation,

difference in costs for means of supporting

life etc. will be fully reimbursed by the TVS

Foundation in the form of a grant.


Payment is only possible the first time a study is undertaken.


Payment by category.

A. from the general conditions; S1, S2 and S5

entirely as gifts, previous payments as interest

free loans.


B. from the general conditions; S1, S2 for 50% and

S5 entirely as gifts, other payments as interest

free loans.


After assessment by the board of the Foundation these terms can be relaxed.


Method of payment

The agreed additional allowance, contribution or mobility allowance will be paid as soon as possible each month into the bank account of the person involved.

In certain cases the allowance can be paid immediately after the submission of invoices, tickets or other proof.

September 2002



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