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Year report 2001

Jaarverslag * Year Report * Jahresbericht



We are pleased to present those interested with the 2001 and 2000 annual report.

We trust that this will give you an idea of our foundation and its objectives

At the same time, we would like to thank all those who have made it possible to establish this foundation.

Gabriele Ingrid Struik-Vollmer



1. The foundation has the following objects:

a.Granting supplementary study allowances for the professional training, further education, additional training, or retraining of descendants of the founders of this foundation, i.e. Mr. Hendrik Struik and Ms. Gabriele Ingrid Struik-Vollmer;

b.granting additional study allowances to others, preferably those from developing countries;

c.provision of additional mobility grants for the benefit of the persons named under 1a and 1b within the scope of international studies.

2. The above-mentioned allowances will only be provided if those affected have no other possibilities of getting an allowance.

3. The Executive Board will issue further regulations with regard to the conditions and arrangements in connection with these allowances by way of payment stipulations.

Executive Board

At the initial meeting on 5 March 2000, the following persons were prepared to take on the first tasks of the Board of the foundation to be established;

- Ms. Gabriele Ingrid Struik-Vollmer

as the Chair,

- Mr. Gustav Hermann Lietzmann

as Secretary, and

- Mr. Hendrik Struik as Treasurer.

2000 and 2001 report

The initial meeting took place on 5 March 2000 with the purpose of "converting the study funds  of Mr. and Mrs. Struik from the 80's" into a foundation governed by Dutch law, bearing the name "Tritschler-Vollmer-Struik", in short, "TVS".

This was also to be effected in memory of the parents of Ms. Struik-Vollmer, who have helped made it possible to create the basis for this foundation.

Following startup problems with the notary public in Amsterdam in the year 2000, another notary public was commissioned and the foundation charter signed on 25 June 2001.

Thereafter, the payment stipulations were established by the Executive Board at a meeting on 2 September 2001, so that the foundation was able to officially commence its work.

These payment stipulations were subsequently extended to include the children and grandchildren of the members of the Board who are not descendants of the founders, and the legal partners in all categories.

Due to this extension, the Board has established a capital requirement of around 140.000,- for 2001, which, according to the Board, can be realised in around 10 to 15 years, with an inflation correction at that time.
(between 2011 and 2016).

Following the establishment of the required funds for these two generations, "children, grandchildren, and others", and the financial objective and feasibility for the current Board, we were able to grant the first payments for 2001 and 2000.

In 2001, the foundation paid out the following additional study allowances for 2001 and 2000:

- professional training 0,00

- additional/further training 0,00

- retraining    3.762,44

These payments were assessed by the Board and divided into the following categories;

- gifts/donations 3.762,44

- interest-free loans 0,00

Explanatory notes to 2001 and 2000 finances on request, with;

- 2001 and 2000 balance sheet

- 2001 and 2000 operating result

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